Auto Advantage Rips Off Sick Little Old Lady Hendersonville North Carolina!!. I went to Auto Advantage seeking a low mileage Toyota RAV4. Instead of showing me the car I asked about, I was pressured into driving an 08 Buick Enclave CXL, a lovely car, but not at all what I needed or wanted. I kept telling the salesman that this car was inappropriate to my needs, but he just kept ignoring my objections. I drove it in the parking lot, but refused to take it into the street, as I was not interested in this vehicle at all. I went back in the salesroom thinking that was the end of it, but I was SO wrong! They continued to pile on incentives and pressure until I finally caved in and signed on the dotted line. I was terrified driving home, parked the car, and it stayed there for 2 days because I was afraid to back the big thing out of my driveway. I returned the car to the dealership 2 days after I picked it up and requested my money and downpayment back. They refused. I filed a complaint against the salesman, the general manager, and sales manager requesting they trade the Enclave for a RAV4 of equal value and mileage. When I arrived at the delership, they tried to trick me into accepting a 2 year old car with 108,000 miles on it, which I did not think was equitable to the Enclave with only 85,000 miles, so I refused the trade. I was then informed by Richard Blake that the only alternative I had was to lease a car, then purchase it at the end of the lease. When I attempted that remedy, I discovered that there was $6,000 negative equity in the Enclave, and lease payments would be in the $4 or 500 range. I am on a fixed income, and this was not a viable option for me. I requested Wells Fargo to cancel the loan, but they had already dispursed the funds. They said I needed to take the car back to the dealership (which I had already tried unsuccessfully) and have the Regional Business Department Manager call an 800 number. To date I have been unable to locate a name or telephone number for Auto Advantage Regional Business Manager. So I guess I’m trapped in a car I cannot back up or drive safely because I am afraid of driving a car that big. I’m also expecting trouble from the transmission because that car is not designed to drive up and down a steep mountain road. Don’t let Auto Advantage take unfair advantage of you! I’m still searching for a way out of this mess, but not having any luck.

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