Auto Check Auto Check Fraudulent advertising campaign Internet!!. AutoCheck (or affiliated parties) harvests the addresses of advertisers offering cars for sale on the internet (in my case, Craigslist). They send a phony letter pretending to be an interested individual who is ready to buy but wants the seller to get an AutoCheck report first. Those letters are clearly form letters but deceptively personal (“my sister and I” or similar). They act like as soon as you buy the report, the sale is pratically a done deal. Needless to say, once you order the report, you’ll never hear from them again. I received a couple of these phony letters in a matter of just a couple of days. Clearly, this is a very active and aggressive scam. Following the two fraud attempts. Note how these two notes (even though responding to two different ads, and presented as being from two different senders), are almost identical: [email protected] wrote: Hello, My sister and I saw your ve

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