Auto Check Ripoff Lied and Endangered My Entire Family Friendswood Texas!!. We took my fiance’s car, a Ford Contour, to Auto Check about 2 months ago to find out why we kept having to refill the brake fluid and why there was a strange squeaking/grinding sound coming from under the car. We were told that there was a joint that was bad and had to be replaced, complete with bearings. We were also told that there was nothing wrong with the brakes or the shocks (my suspected source of the squeak as the squeak is heard when someone gets out of the car on the driver’s side). The car was kept overnight and we were told it would be repaired by about 2 P.M.the next day. At 5 P.M. the next day we called the store and were told the car would be ready in about 15 minutes. We waited for a full hour, outside the store. When we asked we were consistently told, “Five more minutes.” We finally had our car returned to us along with a “free oil change” coupon. We

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