Auto Choice of Olean Lying, Theifs olean New York!!. My Son in Law went to purchase a car from these people and was totally lied to. it wasn’t until the Secretary spilled her beans that we found out the truth. That this car was brought in and he fixed it up enough to drive it, and it was nothing but problems for him. And that he seen these two young kids come in and took total advantage of them. The day after all the paper work was finished and he had his money, and they came to pick up the car all these lights came on. He told them it was a car on the lot and it wasn’t , it was is own personal car. It was a car that was full of problems, and when they tried to back out it was to late.They went to the bank to see wat could be done, and unless they want to get a lawyer which they are not in hat financial position and used the extra money they had to pay this scum for a down payment. The owner is the most dishonest person going. He knew that these two kids

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