I purchased a 2003 c230 from this locarion on 9/30/16. While on the road the reduce oil indicator came on the display. I took the car back to the dealer on 10/7/16 because there were also known issues that displayed the car not being service just thrown on the lot. I also too the car to my mechanic and he stated that part of my engine was missing. I advised Valadir of the oil issue, so he played like he drained some of the oil, he fixed my trunk because it would not open. He also placed some taped on a wire that was shredded by the engine. He replaced one of the wiper when both was needed. He advised me he would order the part for the engine and give me a call, but never did. He put that little dianogstic on the car and it said something about the AC and when i got near he he erased it. Now I know whats the issue because I cannot turn on the AC or Heat because the car is going to overheat because of the thermostat issue. | The next week, the reduce old indcator came back on, then the engine light, then the fog lights went out. On the dashboard you cannot see anything unless its close to night and you turn on the headlights. Meaning you cannot see any malfunctions, the time, or anything on the dash due too the lights are fadimg away. On 10/19/17, I took the car to Advance Order to check the CHECK ENGINE. They advised me that my Thermostat is bad and part of my engine is off. The Engine Intake Part is missing from the engine. | In addition, these are my issues, no thermostat, engine intake piece, check engine light is on, no dashboard lights, no fog lights, radio works when it feel like it, | Lastly, I did not purchase an as is vehicle. This car has a warranty. I have been communicated with the sales representative since day one, and he only returned my calls once. | On 10/20/16, I called and spoke to Shawn the GM, that was very rude and screaming at me like a child. He did not allow me to get a word in because I owe a balance on the down payment. I am fully aware of the downpayment that was also communicated with Rick a week prior to my promise to pay and n 10/14/16 Veronica was made aware that i needed an extension. | Shawn got on the phone screaming about a whats covered under a warranty. Hence, a car should have not been sold with parts missing off the motel, oil issues. He stated that hes annoyed because i did finish with my down payment. I am annoyed that the sold a car without servicing the car. It is so easy to reset codes on the machine to past inspection. He was very rude, and I never been spoken to like this at a supposed to be professional establishment so I hung up the phone on him. I then called back and wanted to speak to District Manager. | I refuse to pay for any of this problems with car under 30 days old.


Name: Auto City

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Charlotte

Address: 4700 E Independence Blvd

Phone: 704-753-7037

Website: www.autocitync.com/