Auto Gallery by Bryan Hecksher Bryan HECKSHERDavid Klien Deceptive trade practices include include using several sets of paperwork on sale of car – none of which given to buyer at sale. LEWES, NATIONWIDE!!. Non- Disclosure of dry rotted convertible roof in addition to brakes safety recall- unaddressed, Only sells AS IS cars- even though NOT purchased AS-IS from MANHEIM AUTO AUCTION-refuses to offer service records-Takes no responsibility once you puchase an over-priced car from him. Offers No Gap Insurance or warranty. Constantly acclaims himself as humanitarian by making donations to LGBT activities and groups . Uses his dog standing on the dedk to distract you ftom all the shuffling of paperwork. DOES NOT ABIDE BY Used Car Rule set forth by FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. A TRUE. Used Car Salesman in every unethical sense of the word. BUYER BE VERY AWARE

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