Auto Income AutoIncome Glad I didn’t sign up with them! New York New York!!. Even though I had read bad reviews of Auto Income, I still went ahead to have a look into their services. I tried contacting them via telephone and they were unavailable for quite a while. This kept on going; I used to call, but never got to talk to any of them. Finally I had a word with one of their representative. The information I was given was vague and it didn’t took me long to figure that out. However, I decided to visit the office to get more knowledge about the used car dealer license they offer and frankly speaking, I have never regretted putting in so many efforts to get to know a company that could help me. I should have stopped earlier when they were not available. Somehow I’m happy that I steered clear from their vague counselling and trusted my gut to avoid wasting my money on them.

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