Promises Full Coverage Insurance – Doesn’t Deliver


My Complaint: I was promised an auto dealer license plate and FULL coverage insurance for $499 per month. I did receive a dealer plate and auction access, but found out (after a car accident) that I was NEVER insured. The dealer manager tried to bully me into not reporting the accident to his insurance company. I did report a claim myself, and the insurance company had never heard my name, and assured me I was never named on the policy…in fact, NONE of the dealers were added to that policy. Armed with a written letter of proof from the insurance company that I was NOT covered, I requested my monies back. Auto Income claimed no liability (basically said that the problem was between me and the dealership they sent me to do business with), and continues to assert that i was covered. I was awarded a judgment against the dealership they sent me to (Jones vs. Platinum Auto Brokers and Benjamin Sonkin Case #12A00916 Santa Monica Courthouse). I was awarded all my money back, but have only received 1/3 of my judgment…and they still refuse to pay! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANY ONE DOES BUSINESS WITH AUTO INCOME – THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY BUT DO NOT ENSURE THE DEALERSHIPS THEY REFER YOU TO ARE PROPERLY INSURED!!!!


My Demand: I am still owed approximately $2500…I want it back!