My 21 year old son was looking for a vehicle to commute from Lawrenceville to Georgia State. We live by U.S. Auto Sales off 316 so we tried there. My son did not qualify but the salesman says I have a buddy who was once of the managers here at U.S. Auto sales and has opened a new dealership called Auto Loan Associates and he has banks that will finance anyone. He gave us the number and we called and set up an appointment. We went in one evening late November 2015. We looked at a 2011 Kia Forte with 59,000 miles on it, we told the salesperson Hannah that we liked it and to run the numbers. She also showed us the 2010 Chevy Cobalt which had 105,000 miles on it . We told her we would call back in the morning to let her know about the Kia. Now we did not have the full deposit they wanted which was 1700.00. We only had 1000.00. | However not having the full deposit was not a problem with them because they stated we could pay the balance of deposit in 2 payments of 350.00. We called the next morning and spoke with a person named “D’ wh said “someone had walked into the dealership last and had put down full down payment on the Kia”. I knew that couldn’t have been true because they closed at 7:00 and we were there after 7:00 and we saw them lock the doors so no other customer could come. He said the only thing he had available was the 2010 Chevey Cobalt. My son being in “dire need” said ok. | There is so much more to this story but we purchased the car and made the deposit payments an no sooner than we had paid off deposit but before the 1st payment was due or even made the car has left my son stranded TWICE!! We spoke to the NEW GENERAL MANAGER because all the personnel that was in there when we purchased the car was now GONE!! | The new GM RICK called us and told us to have the car towed to him and he would run a diagnostic and fix everything that the report found needed repair and he woud also put in a new battery. When we went back to him to after the 2nd breakdown he has refused to answer our calls and has gone back on his word. I have text messages which he is aying he would FIX whatever is wrong with car. MY SON IS NOW STUCK WITH A VEHICLE THAT IS BROKEN DOWN AND SITTING IN OUR FRONT YARD!!!! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!!!


Name: Auto Loan Associates

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Lawrenceville

Address: 1886 Lawrenceville Hwy

Phone: 770-271-5626