auto marketing system longwood marketing system falsely represented that they had buyers for my car, then refused to refund my $220 even though they admit they owe it to me citing “administrative problems. John Wilson, mgr will not talk to me and o roanoke, Virginia!!. I advertised my car for sale on Auto Marketing Systems (AMS) apparently trolls the internet for cars for sale and contacts the owners to solicit advertising. AMS contacted me, John Wilson is manager, and told me they had two buyers who wanted my car but I had to sign up for their service before they would put me in contact with the buyers. For a fee of $249 they guaranteed they would sell my car w/in or refund $220. I paid with a credit card but the company who showed up on the credit card billing was “Longwood Marketing System.” No buyers ever contacted me and I was not given any names of buyers. I askedAMS for the buyers names but they refused to give them to me saying it was “confidential.”I sent in all paperwork as requested by AMS to get my refund but did not receive it. I called them numerous times speaking to Christy Farris and Kelly Bashan. They tell me that they admit the $220 is owed to me but refuse to credit my credit card because they do not have authority, only the manager, John Wilson has authority to refund money. John Wilson refuses to take my calls and will not refund my money.

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