Complaint: THEY LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS THEY LIE TO THE BANKS … FRAUD? THEY THREATEN & INTIMIDATE THEIR CUSTOMERS USING FOUL LANGUAGE THEY CHANGE THE INTEREST AND CAR PRICE WITH OUT THE CUSTOMERS KNOWLEDGE THEY SAY YOUR LOAN IS APPROVED, THEY GIVE YOU A CAR, THEN THEY DEMAND MORE MONEY OR THEY TAKE THE CAR BACK THEIR REPUTATION IS SHODDY AT BEST THEY ARE OWNED BY A TEXAN WHO OWNS 360+ DEALERSHIPS AROUND THE COUNTRY & ALL THE BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO STORES, & ALL THE AUTO NATION DEALERSHIPS AROUND THE COUNTRY TOO IN ARIZONA, THEY ALSO OWN BROWN & BROWN CHEVROLET & NISSAN, LOU GRUB CHEVROLET, BELL FORD AND THERE IS PROBABLY MORE HERE IS ONE OF MANY HORROR STORIES 1) I originally went to Auto Mart to get financing on a vehicle from an auto-broker that refers business to them. 2) The payment was more than I wanted to pay so they suggested that I look at one of their cars. 3) They wrote a contract with me for a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim. In order to complete the contract, references, pay stubs, lease agreement, a copy of my phone bill and my 1967 Chevrolet Bel-air Station Wagon with title was required. My 1967 Chevy was used as a down payment, plus $250 in 30 days. A few days later I drove the car down to their lot and gave Mike the title. He took the car and drove the car to the side of their building. 4) Over the next two weeks the above conditions were met. 5) After another week the bank requested my tax papers due to the fact my pay stubs were hand written. I told them I could not get that for them. 6) The Bank and Auto-Mart called up D/S Solaec-Tek (my employer) several times in regards to the pay stubs being hand written. After several lengthy discussions the Bank seemed satisfied. D/S said that the pay stubs have been prepared hand written for years. 7) Around the 3rd week in October I went down to Auto-Mart and signed a new contract with Mark. Payments were less than the original contract in addition I added a service contract for the car as agreed from the original contract (Marks suggestion). 8) The Bank put a cap on the monthly dollar amount so they told me that I need to produce another source of income to cover an additional $20 per month added to the contract. I had a conference call in Marks office with the Bank to add the additional $20 to the contract and that night the contract was signed. They asked for pay stubs from Rigatoni’s which I delivered the next day. 9) Approximately 5 days later I got a message on my business phone that Mark wanted bank statements now. He called later that night at my house and spoke to my wife demanding the car back or bank statements. This upset my wife very much. 10) The next day I called Auto-Mart and left a message for Mark with one of the other financial officers (Tina?) stating that I was very upset with the situation of them calling my house and upsetting my wife and that I was to return the car. 11) That day Mike (salesman) comes to my office demanding that I give him the car now, and I told him that the car was not here and that I would deliver the car over the weekend. 12)Sometime over the next couple of days I received a call from Brett who said he was the (owner of Auto-Mart) regarding the situation. During the course of our conversation he mentioned that he didn’t want the car back and I told him that I liked the car. During our conversation I asked him what happened to my car and he said that he had gotten rid of it. 13) He called Bank 1 and got them to finance me at 19% not 24% but he wanted $800 more up front. He told me to think it over and get back to him later that day. I told him that I would discuss it with my wife and get back to him by the next morning. He said that this was OK but if I didn’t take his deal he wanted the car back immediately. This was Friday. 14) Saturday morning after discussing this with my wife we decided not continue, mstly because he wanted another $800 up front. It was mentioned when I first got together with Auto-Mart that my only down payment would have to be my car. I could put any additional funds down. That morning I called Auto-Mart to let Brett know my decision. He was not there so I left a message with the financial officer (Tina) of my decision and to ask Brett to call me when I came in. 15) That afternoon Brett called cussing and demanding his car now. I told him that I was advised not to return the car until mine (Chevy) was back on the lot. He said that it was there now. 16) I returned the car that day. When I went to my car on their lot I found that various parts were missing and laying on top of the engine. I had driven the car on to the lot when the deal was started and obviously I could not drive it off. 17) I immediately brought Brett over to the car and showed him the condition of the car. His only comment was that he did not know how the car was brought in (driven or towed). 18) November 26 my wife received a call from Auto-Mart telling her they would be happy to help out by towing my car from their lot anywhere that they wanted. I had no car for weeks They ruined my credit Ed Prosinski

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