Do not buy or finance a car from auto Max on Crowley road or any of there locations. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks who prey on innocent people who obviously wouldn’t be coming to them if they didn’t need transportation trusting them with there hard earned money to do right by them. I got a vehicle from them on 4/4/2016 and the truck had problems immediately first the brake light, then the abs light, service engine soon light, etc the list could go on for days. I took the truck back up there to them on 4/22/2016 to be serviced at the Crowley location only to find out I had to call it in at the camp Bowie location and talk to a man named Guy who by the way is not friendly. They had the truck for about two days and I got it back and the lights were back on in a matter of hours which means they did nothing but reset it so the lights would go off Long story short I took the vehicle to my mechanic and he told me Abs module needs to be replaced that’s why the light won’t go off, the coolant was leaking, the alignment suspension, transmission rear main seal leaking etc… So I took the truck to them after my mechanic looked at it and they had it two days and again nothing was fixed. They give you the run around and don’t return calls but will call when my payment is due. There nothing but a bunch of ripoffs who need to be stopped. Not to mention the truck went dead on me a matter of four times and on the fourth time I tried to jump the vehicle it would not start again so I called and told Guy it wouldn’t start he tells me to check the cables on the battery and have the battery checked and replacing batteries is something they don’t do and he doesn’t want to tow the car if it’s just the battery. How inconvenient is that. They are friendly up until you sign those papers and put money down after that you see the true colors.


Name: Auto Maxx

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: 5605 Crowley Rd

Phone: 817-615-8846