Auto Mechanics of Orlando Preview Report Title: Mobile Mechanics of Orlando DO NOT USE Tom or this company!! ORLANDO Florida Orlando Internet!!. Mobile Mechanics of Orlando DO NOT USE Tom or this company!! Save the headache!!! This guy is a total dochebag! He sent his mechanic to my home to fix a simple water pump. His mechanic was at my home for 6 hours working on it. Tom pulls up before the work was done demanding payment. He runs away with your money and will NOT honor any kind of warranty on workmanship. My water pump started leaking within 2 days. I called Tom to come back out to fix the problem, he told me he could have someone out the next day. Well the next day came and went, no call no show. The following I called he said I had to wait another day, the next day came and went, another no call no show. I called again, he answer and promised someone would be out that day again no luck, I called him that same day he stopped answering my calls. I called from my wife’s phone about an hour later and guess who answers, Tom. He became very rude and hung up. My advise is to NEVER call on this guy. I found him on Orlando craigslist under mobile mechanics. Save your money and use someone you can trust!!!! ORLANDO Florida

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