Auto Mirrors Plus ? Troy’s Auto Mirrors Plus This business cheated me on refund amount Internet!!. Troy Hopper (DBA Auto Mirrors Plus) sent a package via UPS to a friend of mine, which had the wrong street address on it (my fault; my friend had just relocated, and he gave me an address which was incorrect by one number) Because the street address was incorrect, the package was sent back to Troy, undelivered. He said he would refund my money, minus the shipping charges, which I regarded as a fair deduction. He did refund part of my money, but deducted TWICE the amount for shipping, because he said he tried to ship the package on two different occasions. He gave me the two tracking numbers when I requested them. But when I entered both tracking numbers into the UPS tracking system, they showed identical dates and times of attempted delivery. I contacted him regarding this matter, but he did not respond. Dr. RNM S Irvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.
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