AUTO NOW, FORMERLY KNOWN AS DRIVE NOW LIKE RIDING THE BUS? BUY A CAR AT AUTO NOW “NOT” !!! PHOENIX Arizona!!. Today at 4:25 PM I purchased a vehicle from AUTO NOW, formerly known as DRIVE NOW. Within a few days the vehicle was not performing as well. I made an appointment for servicing. The service department had no appointments till a month out. Not yet a month since the of purchase the vehicle, it was tow back to their service department. It was discovered by the tow truck driver that plumbers’ tape was wrapped around the gas line, which cause all the gas to gush out. This is many of my complaints with is company. I strongly believe that this company just takes trade- ins put them on their lot without inspections and sell them to the public. There are hundreds of BBB complaints and court hearings. My most recent complaint is, I finally had the company take the vehicle as it was taking space in my garage. I made my payments up to the time the vehi

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