Auto Parts Train; US Auto Parts Train Terrible Customer Service; Refused to cancel order, refused refund then delayed refund for 30 days! Carson California!!. I ordered parts for my Honda to be repaired over the phone with this company. I was first promised a delivery date of 2-4 business days. I called back 3 hours later to make an adjustment to my order and was told it was too late and the order had already been shipped with a delivery date of 13 business days later. I asked for a manager and was refused. I persisted and spoke with a “supervisor” by the name of Mary. She said she could only cancel the order and by this time that is all I wanted to do. She told me I could expect a refund in 24-48 hours. I called the next day, Thursday, and spoke with again a “supervisor” Cody, and he said he cannot process a refund without getting the parts back and receiving an inspection report??? They never left the warehouse!!!! He claimed they had but were in route bac

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