auto parts warehouse (APW) Would not cancel order after charging tax on item not included in original info submittal? Carson, California!!. Ordered parts , submitted card information, then received verification with additional tax. I called customer service to see what state I was getting taxed in , received the run around. I started to get bad vibes by the answers i was given and decided to cancel order. Was told It could not be done because supplier had already shipped on saturday 6:00. Was given a tracking number then told it would not show up for two days? Repeatedly requesting to cancel order, conversation just went around in circles. Was told they would credit my account with the tax (8-10 business days) and i could send merchandise back after receiving . when asked about return postage they would not answer. I may be wrong about this and the tax was less than $20, I just don’t like the idea of venders charging you amounts you did not approve. Frustrated

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