Auto Square Co Ltd Japan Sakra Fraudulent transaction Osaka , Japan Osaka , Japan!!. As the other poster on your site posted ,on 12 September 2018 I purchased a car through ‘Tradeview’ from Auto Square Co Ltd and after making full payment and receiving all the permits , I was informed that the car had mechanical problems and that they would source another car for me. I too offered to pay more for another vehicle or if they could provide me with an alternative vehicle , to which I was told that they could not.I also contacted Tradeview , who had then conveniently removed them from their website informing me that it is my problem. The 12 month permits are about to expire and I have tried everything , but to no joy. Attorneys in Japan will look at my case for around US $ 4000 , which is slightly less than I paid for the car and I do not have it. The Japanese centre for legal assistance for international issues simply goes to voicemail ! Does anyone out ther

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