AUTO TRADER . COM DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE TOWARDS VEHICLE TRADE VALUE, Internet!!. Auto trader .com is used by many dealerships to see as to what a used vehicle is worth towards a trade onto another vehicle – new or used. When you take your vehicle to a dealership to trade, a salesperson shall get all of the necessary information to see as to what your vehicle is worth. If they go through auto, your not receiving the TRUE trade in pricing on your vehicle. These people use computers to see what other vehicles are worth all over the place and the worst thing about all of this, is that they THEMSELFS never see your vehicle. All they are going by is the VIN NUMBER on your car or truck and whatt all it has on it. Then, from all of this collected information, they give the dealership a Very Low estimate to tell you as to what your vehicle is worth towards this trade. Beleive me, it is very low and needless to say, it is extremely poor and a ripoff to you for they have you in there pocket and they are not giving you the real price that your trade is worth. I know, i have a 2005 chevy colorado base cab truck with 65,000 miles on it and in excellent condition. They put a net worth on my truck towards a trade at $2995.00 and yet NADA as a private party trade has this trucks worth at $9000.00. Don’t get ripped off at a dealership using this company – You will be taken advantage of and loose your shirt to them. Search the internet for pricing of your vehicle through NADA or Kelly Blue Book and get an idea of your vehicles worth.

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