Good morning. I just wanted to let everyone know that this company is a rip off. I have been paying my bill on time since last July. Until I lost my full time job back in March. Now I have a part time job and I’m trying to make my payments, but it’s hard and paying rent also. Ms. Karen from the Pennsylvania office keeps calling my cellphone and called my job Friday for the first time being rude and nasty to my boss which I did not like. I haven’t been driving the car for about a month and I had to walk to work in this hot weather and storms daily and at 9 at night. They don’t care if anything happens to their customers but they can call and ask for money! I can’t even take my daughter to her doctor’s appointments or to get her medications. Someone needs to put this company out of business.


Name: Auto Trakk, LLC

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Montoursville

Address: 1500 Sycamore Rd Suite 200

Phone: 1 570-329-1000