Autobahn Direct Autobahn SLC Fraudulent Car Sales Brigham City Utah!!. Seller: Scott Carter Autobahn Direct Brigham, UT Mr. Carter is a “shoestring” auto dealer in Brigham UT who appears to sell predominantly on eBay. Apparently he does not have an office or a fax. His car presentations on eBay are quite a production. There are over a hundred pictures and a video of the vehicle set to music. The vehicles are beautiful and flawless in appearance and presentation. The vehicle I purchased was as follows: Chevrolet: C-10 Chevy C20 540HP 454 V8 SHOP TRUCK COLD A/C GMC C20 eBay Item no: 262463130102 Seller: autobahndirect Buyer: xxxxxx Sale date: 1465178403000 This vehicle was advertised on eBay. There were 142 pictures portraying a picture perfect, “$40,000 frame off restoration”. There was a video profiling the truck and its perf- mance. Between the pictures and the video this truck appeared to be flawless. However, note the two different title descriptions: “C-10 Chevy C20 540HP 454 V8 SHOP TRUCK COLD A/C GMC C20” “1972 Chevy C20, SHORT BED, 540HP 454 SHOP TRUCK, FRAME UP RESTORE, NEW COLD A/C” So which is it? A C10? A C20? GMC C20? Short Bed? Long Bed? (It is a long bed), New COLD A/C – In the fine print, “New Cold A/C” is actually an option you can purchase and which he will install. But in both the title description and the narrative print, it looks like A/C is already installed Upon delivery I immediately discovered the vehicle delivered was not the vehicle advertised on eBay: – Vehicle was not a frame off restoration as advertised – Vehicle had rust areas but was advertised as rust free – Vehicle was in generally poor condition. The hood was misaligned and scratched as a result of being removed to install a/c (see pics below). – The paint was dulled and a botched wax job left streaks on the cab and the truck bed – The engine timing was off making it difficult to keep it running. This was just the beginning. Summary: Vehicle was not a frame off restoration. This was confirmed by three different persons an antique car collector, an antique car restorer, and an antique car dealer with 35 years experience. Tail light trim was “frankensteined” from a different year/model Chevy truck Overspray on the rubber seal around the windshield. Old and cracked rubber seals. Hurried and sloppy. The windshield leaked. Rust spots on the cab under and in the rain funnels. Loose wiring under the dash. Newly installed air conditioning did not work, condensation leaked onto the floor mat (passenger side). Big plume of smoke coming from in front of left rear tire when parking, suggesting a brake locking up. Missing ashtray Shredded windshield wipers which were “jerry rigged” on the wiper blade arms. (explains, partially, why they weren’t replaced) Cracked plastic grill, also old & dirty. The truck bed had been sprayed with black liner over the dents and dings on the fender wells and tailgate. Further confirmation of no frame off restoration Passenger door out of alignment Steering wheel dangerously loose. Engine compartment wiring thrown together Shift guide on steering column loose. (Red indicator looked hand painted). Deck pad loose over glove compartment Glove compartment door sticks due to loose deck pad I’ll end the list here but the list goes on The truck was filthy upon arrival. The air cleaner was dirty, fluid levels low and the old engine oil was a quart low. It looked as if it had been sitting outside for the last six months. One would think that the seller would want to deliver the vehicle in top condition because 1) it is the ethical thing to do, 2) it is good for repeat/”word of mouth” business, 3) represents professional customer service. The entire transaction was anything but professionally handled. Some of the impressions/conclusions I have about this eBay seller are: Intentional fraudulent misrepresentation of the vehicle’s condition Intentional misrepresentation of the work done on the truck, e.g., “$40,000 Frame Off Restoration,” “Absolutely Rust Free,” etc. Photoshopped pictures confirming the intentional misleading descriptions. Poor communication by the seller to the buyer. Example, while the new air conditioning was being installed (which took a month/not the seller’s fault), I had to call if I wanted any updates on the vehicle. NOT ONCE did the seller reach out to me first or initiate contact to let me know progress, status, etc. I had to constantly “chase” him. Responses were brief texts. Really poor customer service. Since receiving the vehicle it is now undergoing a non-frame off restoration with emphasis on misreported mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic issues. I strongly recommend any buyer to do an onsite visual inspection of any vehicle he is offering for sale. Dealer Information: AutoBahn Direct Owner: Scott Carter Brigham, UT

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