Autobarn City Volkswagen City VW Chicago,The Autobarn Volkswagen ChicagoA Richard Fisher Dealership Lied every step of the way! Danger! Scam! Chicago Illinois!!. Everything they promised was a lie or worse. They talked us into an after-market sun roof and told us it would be done on-site within a day; it took over a week and they put 115 miles on the car, and the sunroof makes a buffeting sound over 35 mph. They said we had to pay for ID engraving on the window, and that it would lower our insurance; it did not (appearently it lowers their insurance). They pitched us on their additional Autobarn insurance which they said covers “nicks and dings” and “tires”; after we bought it, when we tried to get them to fix small scratches we were told it does not cover paint scraches, and when we had a leak in a tire we were told it doesn’t cover plugging a flat tire. They promised free car washes both inside and out any time they’re open, however they only do exterior car washes, do a very bad job of that, and usually the wait for a car wash is over an hour. They are liars and theieves! Everything I feared from a sleezy dealer has proven true. I am well educated and know contracts, I can only imagine how much more they screw over less educated customers. Beware!!

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