Complaint: Ordered a bumper for my 1983 Jeep Cherokee. The price listed was reasonable. $121.99, and charged it to my credit card (VISA) Waited a month and did not get the bumper, although tthey did charge it to my card. Called LA from Ohio and got put on hold 2-3 times, asked for a 800 number. Called back and the 800 number was no good. Called again and got put on hold. Gave up. Called again after emailing quite a few times without a response. Told them I would like an answer. They said that it was in a shipping container on it’s way to the US, to wait a few weeks. Never id get the bumper. Filed a complaint with the LA, Calif. Better Business Bureau, was told to wait a few weeks until they contacted the company. Got a post card back saying that they had no sucess, and that they would keep my complaint on file. Thanks alot BBB! I am still driving around without a front bumper, and no money! Ed New Philadelphia, Ohio

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