autohaus [email protected] Autohaus is not the dealer,[email protected] enterprises sold you the car look at your contract,false statement,I am not the owner of w&w, Internet!!. Autohausmotorsports Inc is a auto center with various tenents,W&W enterprises sub leased dealer space to conduct business,,george reynoso is not the owner of [email protected] enterprises and all claims for misconduct are without merit,george reynoso has no control to solve there claim,W&W is no longer a tenant at the location, Dmv handles your claim and gets the responsible party to make restitution,various claims,accusations have been against autohaus motorsports and george reynoso personally, george reynoso was the general manager of w&w enterprises,so written on the contract,says [email protected] enterprises dealer #43589,autohaus has retained a attorney to file slander cases for those that keep on commenting negative acusations.
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