AUTOMANAGER DESKMANAGER , WEBMANAGER They advertise something they can’t deliver, they are very nice until they get paid Canoga Park, California 91303 Internet!!. I tried everything to solve the problem with with this company, I got nowhere, They kept calling me trying to get my business to use AUTOMANAGER and WEBMANAGER software since one year , and when they showed me a demo I was impressed with the software and I was told that they would import all of my data from my current software provider, and I was also told that they would transfer all of my website and copy it the way it is now to there service. after I paid them $4900 in fees , they did a data import out of my old software more than 7 times , and each time was a disaster , the numbers never matched, there was double entries in every vehicle expense, and that’s not all I paid them to import custom forms three moths ago which are still not done until now, Mr. Bill Tizabi Is the account manager I was dealing with all the time who was very nice until he took my money. Now when I call him He is talking to me in a very rude way and hangs up the phone on me, I called several times asking to speak to his manager and every time they hang up the phone on me, I even asked them just to give me a name of the manager , and they refused to do so and hanged up the phone on me again, and I asked the customer service and told them that I don’t want to deal with Bill any more because of his attitude and and his lack of customer service. and then I get a phone call from Bill after being very clear that I don’t want to deal with him any more, and he asked me what do I want, I answered him that you can either fix my issues and deliver what you promised me or give me my money back, and his shocking answer was (You will not get any money back , and We are not going to work on anything for you , and you won;t be able to deal with anyone else but me , and I am going to shut down your account with us) Lack of customer service, making promises that they refuse to deliver.

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