AutoMax 551 North Interstate Drive, in Norman Oklahoma | Car salesman Tim Tae used unsavory tactics to still my vehicle equity. I asked AutoMax to shoot straight with me about the value of a 2011 Hyundai Equus in that I knew nothing about the vehicle. Tim Tae the used car salesperson first stated the vehicle was priced at $22,000 and then later revised that statement saying he was wrong about the price. (I now realize this was about the same time he learned the payoff total of my Cadi). He now stated the Equus price was $27,000 and further asserting that the “AutoMax” price list was prepared by humans and being human they make mistakes. | I trusted Tim Tae’s explanation and worked the deal with him traded my 2011 Cadi STS with only 54,000 miles valued at about $15,000, remaining loan of about $9,600. So I had a $5,400 down payment. However, I signed my initials on a paper stating that I wanted $15,000 for my trade making it an even $5,000 dropping the price of the Equus to $22,000, but for some unknown purpose they did not write it up that way. They now show the Equus price at $23,000, but only paying be 10,000 for my trade which I never agreed to. Bottom line no matter how AutoMax tries to move these number around. I am still owed $5081. | Moreover, I checked with several dealerships and found that the cost of the 2011 Equus was actually $22,000 and the salesman Tim Yea manipulated the price to consume the down payment thus stilling my equity by not properly subtracting it from the actual price of the vehicle. $22,000 should have left me owing $17,000 instead I owe $23,000. They stated that I have Check coming for $919, but that is for Tag Title and Tax. Where is my $5081.00 Check?


Name: AutoMax Hyundai Norman

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: Norman

Address: 551 N Interstate Dr

Phone: 405-364-2000