AutoMax Recruiting [email protected] Internet!!. Looking to use a company to assist in finding you quality candidates for hire? A recruiting company? A training company? BEWARE: DO NOT USE AUTOMAX RECRUITING. Auto Dealerships BEWARE AutoMax ran employment ads inviting people to come into our dealership and interview with them for a possible sales consultant position. Automax agreed to bring in, interview, screen and assist in the hiring process by consulting with us in regards to the possible candidates. This company charged the prospective candidates $300 each. They promised them that they were going to be hired by us. They used the words “You’re In! You’ve got this job. You just have to pay me $300”. No where in our agreement with this company did it state that they would invite people into OUR dealership and rip them off by charging them $300 (THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS) and PROMISING them “the job”. I was told my the gentleman [email protected] 863-381-0715 that he would meet with the owner and I to discuss his “thoughts and opinions” on the candidates to help assist us in the hiring process. This man took the money and ran. He left with out so much as a “goodbye”. He literally ran. I tried to call him as soon as I found out he disappeared. He would not take my call. I then reached out to the company who sent him and they gave me the run around. The same day and for days and days to come I was faced with these people who were made broken promises and who felt completely ripped off. I have had spouses and mothers calling me left and right wondering why their loved one’s LOST $300 to a CROOK and a CROOKED COMPANY. Many of these people were unemployed and the “recruiter/trainer” suggested that they “borrow” the money to secure them a position. And so they did… I have since attempted to reach out to AutoMax and they will not return calls or emails. They literally TOOK THE MONEY…and RAN!! Please research this company before agreeing to do business with them and CERTAINLY before inviting them into your store or your community. I wish that I had researched them first. AutoMax Recruiting Auto Max Recruiting [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] National Sales Trainer and Recruiter I have never posted on Ripoff Scams and I have been at this dealership for over 19 years. I felt compelled to take the time to try to save somebody the grief that I went through.

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