Automax USA Cheated in Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Alabama!!. I purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my pregnant daughter. In less than one month, the vehicle started to run hot. I told her to take it to a local repair shop where it was checked out. They informed me that the Jeep had a blown head gasket and would cost around$1500.00 to fix. I had not even made the first payment yet. I contacted the person at Automaxalabama that sold it to me and they told us to bring it there to be looked at. I had the vehicle towed because I was afraid for her to drive it across town. They kept the Jeep for 4 days and finally told me that there was nothing wrong it although we had to put a gallon of coolant in it. When we went to pick it up, the repairman said we owed him $50.00 for diagnostic exam. I took the Jeep to another auto repair shop and they too told me that the Jeep had blown head gasket. i attempted to call the manager several times and was placed on hold for over twelve minutes and nobod

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