Autonation Chevrolet North Richland Hills TX Unethical Business North Richland Hills Texas!!. 2017 Chevrolet Silverado purchased 2/6/16. At the time of signing I was sold a extended policy. I told the finance guy I had previous experience with these policies and they don’t cover repairs; he guaranteed me this was different and it would be honored. Within one month it was obvious there was an issue with the truck. I purchased this truck for my son and since he was driving it he called several times and could not get return calls. I visited the used car sales office and after sitting for hours, left and followed up with a phone call – I could exchange the truck but need to pay an additional 2K. Called finance to see what they could do, but after being put on hold, was told Autonation would file terrorist threat charges against my son and he was banned from the property so they would not help me. I’m the leinholder, hes not on the contract. Called Service and was told there was a 2-week backup and a rental was not available until they could do the diagnostics. On another call to finance asking where I could take the truck, found out Autonation ownes the vehicle protection policy. On 11/10/16 the truck was towed to Pep Boys and I was told it was a blown engine. On 11/14 towed to Autonation service. On 11/21 was called by service and told me the protection policy would no cover any repairs. I called right back and told them they never called me back to say what was wrong – the comment was “oh blown motor”. I requested the diagnostic and statement that it wouldn’t be covered faxed to me, but no response. This company has a charter of ethics, I don’t know who that’s is for because the company has hundreds of complaints everywhere. They have an arsenal of excuses to avoid responsible, ethical sales, finance, and service.

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