AutoNation Lewisville TX Running sales scheme, in it for the money, will do anything to sell you a car and make a profit Lewisville Texas!!. I purchased my 2018 Nissan Maxima at AutoNation Nissan in Lewisville TX. Salesman had no knowledge of the features on this car, claimed it had recordable CD player, he informed me of an employee discount; however when I called my employer no such thing. I paid over 35,000 for the car and when they sent me to sign contract, they asked if I want extended warranty for 4000 more, as I said no, he refused to take no for an answer, after 5 times in reducing the costs I continued to said no. He slickly added it to the contract anyway. I had it removed! The dealership continues to send me warranty info info telling me warranty almost up after 3 yrs, 36,000 mile.The car has 23000 miles. Now that the sunroof is jammed and wont shut; I set appointment with this place and they reserved a rental for me. When I arrived they refused to accept warranty , said no more cars to rent and its too late to service. This place offers fake warranty. They will give you the run around to call a ph no end no service phone number. Nissan does not handle or assist in complaints so if you have any problems or issues it will go anywhere! BEWARE of SALES and SERVICE

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