Autonow – AutoMaxx – Maximum Finance They probably have many other aka’s Sold a Lemon, doesn’t care, wouldn’t respond, service folks won’t communicate. Arlington Texas!!. Please do not go and look at a vehicle on this lot or purchase one for that matter. Went to this location 8/3 regarding a “48 hour sale” they were having with low down payment. Would only let us look at 1 vehicle, said all others would be out of my price range. Keep in mind this was before I filled out an application and they even knew anything about my credit history. We test drove the 1 vehicle, rode fine for that test drive. So we decided to enter into an agreement with these people. Worst decision we made! 10 days after taking possession of the vehicle it started over heating check engine light was on, fuel inlet error, and many more. Took the car back to the lot, they said we will get it over to service and get it taken care of. Little did we know that meant that we would not get any updates, have to track down the service people on our own and beg for a status on a car that was supposed to be ready before Friday ( after dropping it off on a Monday) Started calling for updates on Tuesday, no news, called again on Wednesday, repairs approved, they have to order parts and should have ready by tomorrow. Called on Thursday and the vehicle wasn’t ready yet. Called on Friday, then they say the parts isn’t scheduled to come in until that day and it would be Monday or Tuesday before the vehicle was ready. So Monday rolls around, call, leave messages, no response, call again They don’t have an update, will call the shop they took it too and call me back. They didn’t call back. So Tuesday call again, they still don’t have an update, will call and get one and call back. this time they call back to say it won’t be ready until tomorrow, another issue has popped up. Called Wednesday, still not ready, yet another issue has popped up, it won’t be ready until Thursday. Thursday start calling, they don’t have an update, they will call and call me back. They never called back. Called them at 4 to find out, they had yet another issue are still working on it, but will have the car back to the lot by 5 PM. So when I get off work, make arrangments to have someone run me over to pick it up. Get there, the car isn’t on the lot ( after they told me it would be there by 5) Lady standing outside asked if I was looking for * and named my vehicle* Well it still isn’t ready, they are still working on it, should have it back in 30 minues. By this point they have had the vehicle 10 days. Sales rep won’t talk about the issues with the car, goes inside the building to hide. Comes back after 40 minutes with the vehicle. Now he just hops out of the vehicle with is still running, states theres your car and runs back inside. The front end wasn’t even put back together correctly, still smells of burning antifreeze but again they don’t care. I go inside and ask for a copy of the repair order so I can have the backup for everything they were supposedly repairing on my vehicle. They don’t have it, but will email it to me. It has been 4 days and they haven’t emailed it. But let’s back up, I leave it at home on Friday it was running terribly on the ride home from the lot. My fault I should have went straight back and given it back to them and told them it still wasn’t right and to take it back to service. Saturday morning I decide to give it a shot, get out in it to head to my parents house. It dies going down the road and won’t restart. Had to get someone to come pick me up, then sent someone back to get it started. This vehicle is a POS! My husband said he didn’t feel safe with anyone driving it, so he took it back up to the Lot and dropped it off. I think they were rushing it back to me because the first payment was due the next day. Well I am not paying another dime on this junker. They knew it was a lemon and sold it anyway.

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