false advertising, false shipping, rude or no response, lied when they did responed Bellflower California!!. I ordered two parts on 5/31/07 and per their website it stated 4-7 business day shipping. I saw my credit card was charged on 6/4/07. On the 7th day I called and asked the location of my parts and a tracking number. I was treated rudely on the phone and told they were “processing” the order and that it took 5-8 days just to process it. When I asked why wasn’t this stated on their website they hung up on me. I called back again and asked for a supervsior and was hung up again. I called a third time and was treated rudely again and was told “You should have done the expeided shipping for $26.00. On the 11th I finally get an email stating it was shipped. I called for a tacking number, was treated rudely again! I called back on the 12th, same responce. On the 13th my wife calls and she gets treated rudely. By this time I’m ready t

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