AUTOQUEST USA ron rosen: owner, donny; salesman 1 owner told me that teh car i purchsaes was not in any accidents so that he could make teh sale. even gave me printed statement confirming no accidents so that I would believe him. after purchasing car i found out through carfax that the car was in two reported accidents which seriously affects teh value of teh car. fort myers florida and sanibel florida!!. I called Autoquest back in October 2014and spoke the the saleman there whose name was Donny and after speaking for a good hour with Donny I rented a car and drove from boca raton to fort myers to see a Lexus sc430 that he had for sale. When I arrived I asked Donny and the owner Ron Rosen, the owner at Autoquest USA lots fo questions about the car and was given mixed answers specifically about the cars accident record. I must have asked them 4-5 times each if the car had been in any accidents and was told no! So I told them that I insistd on something in writing and asled for a 5 day full warrenty for repairs which they gave me, And they did give me a printed statement verifying a -0- accident report. But what they gave me sure wasn’t a Carfax which revealed later after I already bought the car two reported accidents. I was lied to, stared at right in the eyes and lied to over and over again by tehse two characters. And those reported accidents means that I overpaid for the car by about $4000! The bottom line: If Id have known the truth about the accidents, I wouldn’t have bought the car.

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