AUTOS DIRECT ONLINE a FRAUD DEALERSHIP cleveland Ohio!!. If you dont have time to go into details I would frame them in one word u2018 AUTO DIRECTS IS NO OTHER THEN A FRAUD. STAY AWAY. They sales cars atleast 10-15% cheaper then anywhere else you find but think twice how they do this : I was one of the victim of these cheat company . Here are some of the details about them: 1- They photoshop the pictures so car you see in pictures on their website dont represent the correct condition. It would be much dirty, with dents and scratches. 2-Their carfax/autocheck report says clean title but it doesnu2019t mean it was never in accident. Normally they buy accidental cars from auction and repair them in their body-shop so there wont be any accident history you would find. 3- They will pretend nice and professional before you pay them and once you pay- you will be just unknown for them. They wouldn’t respond your mails or calls. 4- No matter what commitment/promise they give you about car, either verbally or In writing u2018 they will not honor it. 5- They are very smart in documentation so you wont be able to sue them or get any claim legally. 6- Don’t wonder if you find some great reviews about them- they offer rewards to write good reviews. If you are interested to know more or want to know specific to my case I would be happy to share details- they sold me clean title car which I found was in major accident and need $2000 of repair. They gave me in writing to pay for tail gate fix but after I bought car they never attended my call or responded my mails. I am spending my time to write this honest review so that I can save people from this cheat company. After-all its hard earned money !!! you may write me on [email protected] if you want to know more but if you still wish to be trapped by their low price and classic marketing presentation-choice is yours but I can bet you will be writing similar review after a month.

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