Words can not express the excitement as we drove 3 hours to this dealership, we thought not only was this car at a great price, mileage, and shape, Gary had been pleasant on the phone and emails. Well… HA. When we got to the dealership we never met with gary.. we met with MANY of his sales associates.. Went for a test drive with one.. Talked numbers with another… and Gary hiding in the shadows in another office across the hallway.. Trying to hide.. After discussing.. more numbers after we had already settled on an out the door number.. (big part of us getting a bank draft and going down there) we finally agreed at the settled original number.. Maybe that should have been a sign to just walk away. After getting home we noticed a few “extra” flaws.. For example: When we gassed up a guy asked when the car had gotten its paint job because it didn’t look right.. (not knowing anything about body work.. how did we know?) after we got home we did the magnet test and after all the clean car faxes etc it confirmed it had body work done/been hit. Next we realized someone had taken the Antenna out of the top of the car.. hence why the stations on the drive home wasn’t working to great.. Then for whatever reason all the windshield wipers that looked GREAT at the dealers.. starting to split.. and this is my favorite part! My tire pressure sensor turned on and my husband went to add air and noticed they swapped out the “new tires” they made sure they pointed out! 2 used goodyears.. and 2 new nexens.. Crossing my fingers nothing else shows up.. these people will smile, be nice and lure you in.. and fool you left and right! Bchgurl, Merritt Island FL

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