I bought a 2013 ford pick up and while we were negotiating paul bidic told me he would through in a 6 year warranty and I agreed to that deal but when we were signing the paper work he somehow put the cost of the warranty to come out of my loan. When I discovered what he did the next day i called him and he denied ever saying he would pay for it so I then called the warranty company and he never paid the bill. | He pocketed my money after several times trying to get back my money he refused on top of all that the truck has many problems that he refuses to take care of. Now I have to take him to court costing me more money. | This guy is a real scum bag, Im in dept for 21,000 dollars plus the truck is falling apart i already lost my brakes and replaced two coils. What next if anyone can help please get in touch stay away from autotec vineland nj and paul bidic.


Name: AutoTec, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: Birmingham

Address: 2200 Woodcrest Place | Suite 200

Phone: 205-414-2700

Website: www.autotec.com