AutoZone Brownfield Amanda Pesina Poor Poor Manager would not return my money on defective product. Brownfield Texas!!. I purchased a set of left handed drill bits from AutoZone in Brownfield. I went to the house and got my drill and went to my shop. I had a bolt broken off in the intake manifold and left handed drill bits often turn the bolt loose and it comes out before you finish drilling it out. I took one of the new bits out and put it in the drill. Put drill in reverse and was ready to drill. I felt the end of the bit and it felt dull. I tried it on the soft metal on the radiator support and it would not drill it. I tried another bit and same thing. I took back to store and the guys were very nice. They said they had to check with their manager. They called the Store Manager Amanda and she said she would not return my money because the package had been opened. I guess she knows tricks I do not. I could not find out that they were defective in the package. This store has been going down hill the last while because customer service left management. I believe that Amanda believes that customer service comes from the customer. Do yourself a favor. If you need auto parts in Brownfield, go to O’Reilly or Napa. You have plenty of headaches without adding another one. I shouldn’t have gone there to start with.

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