Nov. 17th on the computer when siren and voice stating call Windows now you have been hacked, computer not secure. the number 1-888-712-5112, We called accent from India stating he needed to remote in to computer which we did, he could clean up all the viruses and secure computer for $360. I use a credit card for computer with only $500 limit, we gave him that number, but already had balance on it, so he said he could do it for $209.99 lifetime security. They called back next night because things on my computer were not working, but we accidently disconnected him. Later in week some gal called stating she was with Windows in California. Wanted $360. by now someone told us that phone number was a scam. Got IT tech to go over computer and put back. My bank blocked credit card and was going to try to get back money not sure if they could stop a week later. But I do not have to pay.