The other report on this site tells everything exactly.. They tell everyone they are special and unique and amazing and they can be famous. You give them lots of money but if you do not get work it is your fault for not trying enough. They exploit people with big dreams or low self esteem. Neither Johnson Casablancas nor Avanti are agents and they will not review contracts and are not even certain the jobs on their site are legitimate. They say they work with actors but do not teach acting. The agents Avanti works with are mostly local agents no one ever heard of . They also force young children to work for 12 hours with one small meal and to change in front of strange grown ups of both sexes. They are making a ton of money and are not selective about the Talent except for if they think they will pay that much money. My child has an agent and a job but only because we know someone. Charity


Name: Avanti Model and Talent Management

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Cary

Address: P.O. Box 5724

Phone: (919) 434-2182