Complaint: When you call this company to ask where your delivery is they will tell you it’s on the way. Hours and days later and depending on which agent you get (all of which were answering from homes with screaming kids, loud television sets blaring in the back ground, and representatives who used grammer that could be compared to unintelligent street slang) will give you excuses like these; it’s been delivered, we coudn’t find your address, we couldn’t get into your gated community (I live in an ungated high rise), we couldn’t deliver because your guard gate wanted to charge the driver $10 dollars (again, I live in a high rise), we just spoke to the designer and we are on the way, and it’s your fault because we didn’t have a working number. All of which were untrue. I was hung up on numerous times trying to get a refund for my elderly father who had given these liars his credit card. On the last call I was told I could not have the owner’s name, I could not know who their Las Vegas affiliate was that would be delivering, and I was not allowed to know who I was speaking with lol, so all in all its a big mystery as to where my flowers are, who I am speaking with and who is supposed to be bringing my flowers. On the last call I was hung up on after asking for a supervisor and a recording came on asking if I would 1. buy from them again or 2. never buy from them again…… so by the sound of the recording, they are deflecting to a recording so that they don’t have to deal with all of the mad calls. After looking them up on consumer affairs they have 1 star ratings and almost 1500 complaints from people who have been scammed by them. On the last call I was told that I could not cancel the order because there is a no cancellation policy.

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Address: 300 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ New Jersey, New York United States


Phone: 855-712-4830