Avento corp Wipe New They charged my card $31.96 for shipping and handling! The box is 5 x 5 x 3 1/2 inches! WTF Virginia Beach, Virginia!!. I am in the same boat with you guys. I ordered one double sized bottle of wipe new on Sep. 3rd. using their annoying auto phone service. I declined ALL other offers. My price should have been 19.99 + 7.99 shipping and handling. A total of 27.98. Today, Saturday Sep 15 I received my 3 oz. bottle of wipe new, AND the detail kit (the detail kit is a joke in itself). The detail kit contains 3 micro fiber type clothes, each one is about a quarter the size of a standard wash cloth. You get two yellow and one red. Woohoo <— sarcasm input. But, wait, not only do you get the 3 mini sized clothes, you also get a cheesy Q-tip looking thing, and two cheap pairs of latex gloves (there was only one pair in my box), and a 3×3 (if that, it is probably smaller, but I am not getting out the measuring tape yet again) prep pad. Whoever came up with this prep pad thing is probably sitting in the Bahamas right now laughing their butt off! All that being said, each item in the detail kit, when bought in bulk would cost about a penny a piece. Hmmm. Makes ya wonder doesn’t it? I received 6 items in my detail kit that I DID NOT ORDER. It was supposed to have 7 items (hence the missing pair of cheap gloves). My total bill came to 61.94. The shipping alone was 31.96. I called the toll free number included on my shipping/billing document that was in the box. They are open Mon-Fri. You can bet your sweet Auntie’s hot apple pie that I will be on the phone with them first thing Monday morning. I will update you on my progress, if I should be lucky enough to have any and not be required to seek further action with an outside mediator.

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