Avento Corporation Deceptive practices Virginia Beach, Virginia!!. I think/ I hope I have satisfaction. Yesterday I received the Wipe New product that I didn’t want for a cost of $36.97. So I called the Wipe New # of 1-888-822-3570 and complained about the excessive shipping charge. They were willing to credit me back 7.00 for shipping. I told them that wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t want their product since I didn’t complete the order. They said to end it back and they’d refund the product price but not the shipping. I then said that I was filing a complaint with the attorney general of my state. That’s when they said they’d refund the full amount. This morning I called my credit card company to ask if my account had been credited. As yet it had not. So I called the corporate office of Avento at 1-800-918-9359 and all I got was recordings of no one was available. I left a message that said if I didn’t hear back from them soon I was calling the Attorney General’s office of my state to complain about Avento’s deceptive business practices, and that I had enough verification from others to base my case on. After that I again called my credit card company and asked to file a dispute. After the lady heard my story she ruled in my favor. I’ve been refunded the full price by the credit card co. and they will deduct it from the Wipe New account. I hope this helps

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