Averex warranty company with drive time I brought a car less than 5 months ago only can be repaired by dealership warranty won’t cover but I have coverage for what’s wrong . They say it don’t meet their criteria but no other place will for what I need so I am paying for nothing . Nationwide!!. I was told that in order to have my car repaired the repair shop needs to accept credit card payment by fax , be a licensed company,and work with warranty companies. However I have taken my car to the Nissan dealership because the other shops said it is something that can only be fix by Nissan . the warranty company knows only Nissan can fix it but won’t cover what’s wrong even though I have coverage for the problem. So what use is the warranty if they don’t work with the only place that can fix your vehicle . I had this car less than 5 months and I wondering what am I paying for a warranty that in the end will never cover my auto issues. Further more there aren’t many places that meet those three requirements.

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