Hi i would like too warn others of AVG financial company, AVG started contacting me last year about my previouly credit card slaying that they could get me a 0 interests really begging for my business, they said they would help me pay off my credit card,by sending me a check to go toward my balance and i would start seeing this checks in a couple of months, I have not received a single check yet ,they first did a Balance transfer 0 interest and put my balance on two major Credit Cards (Chase and Capital 1) I wasnt happy with having two major Credit Cards so they said not to wary they would get me another Card in put all the Balance on that one Card, Isaid OK but when I started receiving my statement in the mail, i am receiving a statement from all three Credit Card Company so now am paying three time the amount something went wrong I thought , so i tried too call AVG and guess what i could not speck too many of the people that was calling me when they wonted my business ,I thought that was pretty bad.I am still trying to figure out how too get out of this mess, I hope this will help someone else from getting scam.