Avis Budget group Brainless company steals from their customers, who quickly become former customers Nationwide!!. Avis has been tacking multiple charges onto our credit card months after the car we rented in Europe was returned. These charges are purportedly due to Avis being requested to provide our contact information to undisclosed municipalities which requested it. Yes, you read that correctly. Avis provides our name and address to some municipalities and then bills us for 50 bucks for each request. Avis is not being fined or incurring any other cost. They are simply giving out our information and then charging our credit card for $50. The implication is that we received citations of some kind in these municipalities, but we got no moving or parking violations during the trip. When I ask them their justification for charging us, they reply that it is in our terms of service. Avis knows that no one reads the entire terms of service, and even if they did no one would ever expect the rental company to brazenly bill the credit card for something in which they incurred no cost and provided no service. Avis may have the terms of service on their side but they have no concept whatsoever of business ethics or customer service. I intend to make sure their costs in lost business exceed whatever funds they are able to extract from us, and also to make their task of extracting the funds as difficult as possible by disputing all their charges.

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