Avis Car Rental Charged for flat tire!!. Stay away from Avis Rental Cars. The car we rented had a flat tire the very first night. Took us several hours the next morning to have tire changed & then we had to drive to nearest airport to exchange cars since it is not safe to drive a car with a spare that is a donut. We lost a whole morning of our Yellowstone vacation. A month after getting home we get a letter from Avis stating we owed $87.00 for calling Avis roadside assistance out to change flat. Avis refused to remove the charge. At no time was it ever mentioned that calling roadside assistance could end up with a charge. We were lucky we didn’t have flat out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night since that is when we were driving. Luckily we made it to hotel. For all we know the tire was going flat when we picked car up, since there was a nail in the tire & it was a slow leak. The bill I signed for at end of rental mentioned no extra charge. They wait a month them slam you.

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