Just finished talking to the customer service manager for Avis at their Customer Service number and still did not resolve the add’l charges inflicted, due to their not having the vehicle available that i’d pre paid for. Upon arrival at the St,Louis airport location I was told they did not have the car grade i’d pre paid for and was instead given an upgrade, which in every other car rental situation i’d ever been in, meant a FREE upgrade, since it was NOT my fault they’d over booked their vehicles. Now I’m seeing an add’l charge on my debit card of $5/day + taxes and fees for accepting this upgrade. The manager was gracious enough to give me a 50% discount on these charges, but that is not what I was looking for and was told by him that, that was all he could do for me. As previously stated, My contract was for an Economy Car. The location did NOT have one available as it was agreed upon in the pre paid contract, through priceline. This is in NO way my problem. They owed me a vehicle for a set time and place and they did NOT have one available. The manager also stated I signed for it, so basically too bad so sad. The lobby and counter was a disaster with so many people waiting for their cars. Is this the kind of smoke screen they perpetuate so they can dupe people into signing things they have no idea they are signing. No body told me I was being up charged for the upgrade. Not impressed with the bait and switch antics. I thought I was dealing with a reputable company, aparently not.

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