Avis Rentacar bad service and overcharging Duesseldor!!. I am writing to you further to my stressful and unsatisfied experience with Avis rental company at Duesseldorf Airport in Germany. Once you read my bad experience, am sure you will stay away from Avis as they give you very bad service and ripp you off with an overcharge claiming that its your fault. To give you a synopsis of my experience: Checked into avis counter on Thursday 18 may around 22.00 hrs. Very helpful and pleasant experience Picked up car on parkplatz +4, bad experience. I went to pick up the car from carpark 607 as far as i remember; car was not clean and had loads of stains and dust inside. After travelling 18 hours in a plane one expects more than this. When walked around the car, I did not notice any damages other than a dent and a spot above the rear right side just above the weel. I did not look at the tires as one presumes these to be in order. I went back to report this to the gentleman inside (Dalton or Douglas, i cant remember his name) he was busy with other stuff and speaking to other staff whilst trying to assist me (not good !). He briefly looked at the rental sheet, stamped and signed this and gave this back to me. I drove around around 800 kms in 3 days with the car and returned the car in exact shape as picked up. NO accidents , nor any incidents did occur. I am 44 years and have been driving and owning luxury cars for my entire lifetime and never ever had anything occur to me nor my cars.I have a clean record ! Needless to say than if one reverts the car in a rush on Sunday morning 21st May 2019 around 6am in the morning one can be in a rush and is straight to the point. The gentleman who came out running out of his office when he saw me was rude, unfriendly and the only thing he asked was that if there is petrol in the car and where are the papers. I have asked him about my invoice and told him that i was in a rush. He said that he would send the invoice later and that all was ok as he looked at the car as well. Once landed in my destination and being confronted with first a customer satisfaction survery and thereafter receiving an invoice with the rental with an overcharge of more than 1000 Euro, claiming for the damages done to the car. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Should the person have said that there were damages to the car once returned I would have detest as well. The trick they are using here is to say that all is ok and send you afterwards the overcharge and claims that you have caused damages. I will pursue this further untill court if I have to as this is completely out of order and unacceptable. I do hope with the help of your website we can reach to the people to make sure never to rent again from this Avis company. In the meantime I am in the process of taking legal action Please rest assured that a gentleman of my exposure understands and knows what is customer service and how one should be treated.

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