Avis Rental Car Orlando International Airport Scammin for gas Orlando, FL Nationwide!!. I rented a car on 11/7/15 – returned it on 11/8/15. When I returned it the company had an employee turn the vehicle on (running) to check the fuel levels. I had filled the vehicle up 15 minutes prior to returning it. As the employee had checked the fuel level, I saw no need to keep the receipt. I checked my credit card statement today and found that Avis had charged me 216 dollars in addition to the 60 that I was charged by PriceLine.com. FOR A ONE DAY RENTAL! I called the customer service and she at first told me that I agreed to all charges. I told her it shold have been approximately 100 if that. After nearly 20 minutes on the phone, it was discovered that Avis had charged me for returning the vehicle with an empty tank of gas. I went to the gas station for the receipt and was told by the gas station that this happens everyday, multiple times a day – people needing duplicate receipts due to Avis and many others charging for empty tanks. Now I am being told that my money will be returned but it will take 1-2 weeks. That is crap! They have already had my money for ten days. I should have not worried about saving the 15 dollars and just gone with Enterprise (who I normally rent from) because they do not scam people for money.

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