I also have encountered problems with this company. When I ordered it, I had no idea I could not simply return the second months suply if I didn’t want it for a refund. I did just that as I didn’t care for the first month’s supply. nMy first month’s supply did not have any papers with it. Just a smashed up old box that was out of shape from only being in an envelope. Not chart to chart your daily feelings etc. No instructions. No nothing. nSo the next month I received another one and I wrote “return to sender”” on the outside of unopened package and sent back via us mail. I just got my credit card bill for $35 and then called and they were not during business hours. I finally called when they were opened and they have already shipped another order and charged me again! nThe saleslady refused to let me talk to a manager and said “”He will only tell you the same thing.”” After going around and around with her until she had me almost in tears

I finally said that I would contact my credit card company to get this resolved. She offered for the manager to call me back. I doubt I will get this call. nWhile talking to her

I could here the other salespeople saying the same thing to callers. So I guess I was one of many calling that day asking for refunds for stuff we don’t want. nI did call my credit card company and they are looking into this company. I filed a complaint with better business bureau. I am filing this here. Avlimil doesn’t know who it messed with when it messed with me! nKimnValdosta


www.avlimil.com Cincinatti, Ohio U.S.A.